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5 effective exercises for muscular arms


Do your arms look too thin and are you looking for an effective method of bodybuilding to get muscular arms? The FizzUp coach has what you need, since he allows you to benefit from a customized weight training program including effective body weight exercises. Discover 5 unstoppable exercises to have shapely arms, that your FizzUp method will propose to you.

Which areas of the arm should be strengthened?
When you think of muscular arms, you immediately visualize large biceps. It has two distinct insertions, with one part named short biceps and another named long biceps. By developing it, you gain strength and get a “big arm” effect, but it often overshadows another muscle, which is very important if you want to display muscular arms: the triceps. The triceps is the muscle at the back of the arm that gives you that sculpted look. Left unattended, it is responsible for the “skin hanging” look under the arm.

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Including exercises that strengthen both the biceps and triceps in your exercise routine is essential for strong arms. The Arm Focus* in your FizzUp strength training program is an excellent complement to accelerate muscle development in your arms. It includes effective exercises to build muscle in your arms. Do it after your workout or on your day off, it only takes 5 minutes.

Stick to your FizzUp training schedule, which includes recovery days. Your muscles grow when you rest. There are many mistakes that prevent you from building muscle: not resting is one of them. Your muscle fatigue increases and your muscle fibers break down without having time to regenerate. Also take care of your diet. 80% of your results depend on your diet. Follow the advice in the FizzUp nutritional guide and prepare recipes adapted to your mass gain objective to obtain results as early as 6 weeks.

5 effective exercises for muscular arms
Do these 5 exercises to see your arms swell. You’ll be surprised at how effective they are.

Push-ups: Push-ups are a must-do bodybuilding exercise, because they guarantee a complete upper body strengthening. The best part about this exercise is that it doesn’t require any equipment: you can do it wherever you are, in total freedom. Push-ups target several areas such as the triceps, pectorals, serratus major and deltoids. Opt for the diamond push-up that will sculpt your triceps like never before. Make sure you stay sheathed during the exercise so as not to dig into your back. Many variations are offered in your FizzUp program, to bring variety to your training and target different parts of the upper body.

Supine pull-ups: Develop your biceps with supine pull-ups. You gain in power and strength. Your biceps will be shaped harmoniously. Supination pull-ups also help strengthen the muscles of the forearm such as the long supinators. To have muscular arms, it is important not to neglect any muscle area. The Back Focus* allows you to perform different pulling exercises to work your back muscles as well as your arms.
Dips: A multi-joint exercise, dips actively strengthen your triceps and lower pectoral muscles. In addition to obtaining concrete arms, your torso is gradually sculpted. Like push-ups, it is an essential exercise that is ultra simple to perform. Take a chair, a table edge, a sofa armrest and go! No need to bend your arms too much to feel the full effectiveness of this exercise.effective exercises to have muscular arms 03
The rowing machine: Don’t be in any doubt, it is possible to build up your biceps without equipment with the rowing machine. It is not an abdominal strengthening exercise. Very complete, it improves your posture while developing the muscles of your arms. Follow the correct movement to feel the benefits.
Triceps Extension Plank: Also known as the “commando plank,” this is a core exercise that works your biceps and triceps while strengthening your abdominals. It is a dynamic movement of gainage which encourages you to change your posture thanks to the force of your arms. When performing it, avoid buttock or back movements. Don’t go too fast so as not to give any jolts. Keep your arms on the ground in a plank version. Breathe out when you go up and breathe in when you come down.
All you have to do is follow the advice of your FizzUp coach. These 5 effective exercises for muscular arms are included in your FizzUp bodybuilding program. Be assiduous and you will quickly see the results. Have a good workout!

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