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The 7 best productivity blogs for content marketers


Who doesn’t want to be the most productive? When there are a hundred things to do at the office and a hundred more waiting for you at home, having a clear head and your motivation can help you overcome challenges and achieve goals in life.

But the question is, how do you achieve that state of pure focus, efficiency and action? Chances are, it won’t come with that fifth cup of coffee.

Your best bet for achieving productivity nirvana is to read the nuggets of wisdom and insight contained in the productivity blogs scattered across the web. Looking for time management strategies? A tip for managing email? Brain habits to build? Take the time to read a blog!

While everyone will have their favorite site, we have our own favorites. Take a look at this list of productivity blogs and browse through tips and articles you can apply to your personal and professional life.

  1. Increase your productivity at work – Evernote
    Evernote not only runs an incredibly useful note-taking app, the company also maintains a huge blog filled with tips and strategies for being more productive at work. Evernote’s entire mission is to simplify taking and organizing your notes, so it makes sense that this blog dispenses great tips for streamlining your workday.

From recent posts on how to leverage Evernote templates to speed up workflows to another to make your commute more productive, the Evernote team has some valuable advice. Content marketers can use the blog to find inspiration for meeting efficiency or a task list.

  1. For the creative in you – 99U
    Marketers are innovative minds. Yet it can be difficult to form creative ambitions on a real target and translate an idea into action. That’s where 99U can help you harness your creative and productive energies.

The site offers a multitude of content styles and ideas, including interviews with entrepreneurs, guides on how to negotiate your salary, and innovative articles on how to build a career around your interests, passions, talents, and skills. Social media is also an important topic for 99U. It’s not only a great blog to get productivity tips, but readers have fun every time.

  1. For tips, things to do and repair shoes – Lifehacker
    Ever wonder how much mold is too much mold for that loaf of bread you always want to use? No? Just us? Well, what about how to thaw your credit reports? How to make your own seltzer? How to resolve conflicts at work? What does it mean when your cat makes that weird chattering noise?

Think of any topic under the sun and Lifehacker probably has a blog post about it. Reading this on a normal basis will make you a renaissance content marketer in no time, but even a few clicks here and there is enough to improve your productivity and help you solve all sorts of personal and professional challenges.

It’s worth a bookmark for the diversity and niche nature of the content Lifehacker boasts. It’s easy to lose track of time when you fall down a Lifehacker rabbit hole.

  1. For personal enrichment – James Clear’s blog
    There are productivity blogs, and then there are productivity blogs. Categorize James Clear’s site in the latter camp. The acclaimed mind has written an incredible library of resources using his personal brand of biology, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and more, as he notes. Dominant themes in his work include decision making, time management, mental strength, constant improvement, goal setting and better sleep.

Clear’s methodology for personal enrichment is rooted in habits and how people can take the reins of life. Such advice is applicable throughout life (both as a content marketer and as an individual), and Clear’s accessible, engaging, and clever writing makes the lessons all the more impactful.

5-6. For no-frills productivity tools and tips – Productivityist and Dumb Little Man
While a James Clear blog may be best digested with a glass of wine and some time, if you want a quick productivity overview, then these are the blogs for you. Whether you’re reading during a condensed lunch break, on the train ride home, or when you have a brief moment of free time, these productivity blogs are full of immediate takeaways.

Productivityist – no matter how many times you type this one, it will feel wrong – is ideal for those who want their advice in a variety of formats. Not only does this site offer easy-to-read articles, but it also has a podcast for the hearing impaired. A bunch of basic topics such as setting a work schedule, email writing techniques, and how to beat procrastination are covered here.

Don’t let the name fool you, Dumb Little Man is anything but. Much like the “For Dummies” series of books, Dumb Little Man has all the advice on things you might feel embarrassed to ask. For example, a recent article explored the ways in which business cards are still important. You can find lists on eliminating distractions and tips for organizing your office to improve productivity, as well as deeper elements such as self-care, finding happiness and managing personal relationships.

  1. For project management in business and personal life – Trello
    Trello gives you the best of both worlds in its productivity blog, combining functional procedures with softer elements about personal growth and positive living in general.

Trello offers project management software tools, and if you’re a user, there’s a good amount of material to get the most out of the application. Otherwise, any reader can benefit from the valuable content that Trello publishes regularly. In one sitting, you can read a blog about managing workloads, as well as one about vacationing without notification.

There’s no wrong answer when it comes to which productivity blog to read. Each may serve a different purpose. But if you want top-notch information and advice on how to create productive habits, look no further than the seven we’ve highlighted in this list.

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